WASHAA Account Registration for Individuals

Thank You for Considering a WASHAA Account! 

Having your own WASHAA Account comes with several benefits, including:

  •  The ability to manage your own information
  •  A detailed history of your interactions with WASHAA 
  •  Access to special content not available to the public

Having your own WASHAA Account also helps our organization, reducing the amount of time spent on paperwork so we can better serve you and the health advocacy mission. For that reason, we ask that you please log into your WASHAA Account whenever filling out online forms.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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If you would like to manage your own WASHAA Account, please create a login name and password below. Your password must be at least eight characters long, and contain at least one number.

 If you have any questions or problems with your account, please contact us at info@washaa.org.

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